Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Occupy Wall Street Group: A Few Good Apples Surrounded by Filth

The Occupy Wall Street group is driven to destroy capitalism. At the top of this group, it is driven by the ideologues, the power-lusters, and the dollar chasers; at the bottom it is driven by the nihilists and some unfortunate, deceived victims.

It has already been pointed out that with respect to crony-capitalism, the Occupy group wants to eliminate the capitalist part and keep the crony part--not the other way around. That is, they do not object to government dishing out favors to some and putting up impediments to others. Rather, they just want to dictate a different set of recipients for the various favors and impediments: favors to the “underprivileged” and impediments to capitalists.

At the top of the Occupy group, the ideologues are the Marxists professors in the American universities--those who want egalitarianism (and the collectivism that underlies it and the statism that it logically necessitates). The Leftist media are the extension of the ideologue professors--the extension which promotes these ideas into the general culture. The power-lusters are the Leftist politicians who want to be in charge of running the egalitarian, collectivist state. The dollar chasers are the wealthy quasi-businessmen who want economic gain or advantage granted them by political favor or pull against their would-be competitors under a free market.

At the bottom of the Occupy group are the foot soldiers in the streets. The nihilists amongst them want to destroy capitalism for destruction’s sake. They neither want nor actually expect any positive benefit for themselves as the consequence of such a result, for the type of person in this category knows that his or her life will not improve one iota from the destruction of capitalism. They are bitter toward man’s happiness on earth; they disdain the idea of wanting to produce, to get ahead, to achieve, and to prosper. They don’t want pro-reason, pro-man, pro-life (in the rational sense), or pro-happiness--not for themselves and not for anyone else either. They want destruction for destruction’s sake. These are the vile punks amongst the street protesters. Theirs is the philosophy of the zero--the anti-man and anti-life--the philosophy of death.

The category I do have sympathy for is the second group of foot soldiers in the streets: the group of young people who are deceived. This group realizes that their standard of living and their opportunities are significantly less than they should be. What they don’t understand is that the Occupy group that they’ve gotten mixed-up with is what limits their potential for opportunity, success, material well-being, and happiness. They mistakenly have come to accept that it is the capitalists that exploit them and keep them down so to speak and that the answer therefore is to overthrow capitalism. What they don’t realize is that the exact opposite is in fact true. If by some cosmic inversion of reality and reason the goals of the Occupy group were realized, this group will find to its great dismay and disappointment that not only has their opportunity for betterment not materialized, but also that their prospects will in fact have been greatly diminished even further.

It is my wish that reason can and will reach this decent subgroup. Such an outcome is better for me, for them, and for anyone who values the individual’s life and happiness on earth.

As for the rest of the Occupy group--the beasts who are the Leftist ideologues, the power-lusters, the dollar chasers (pseudo-businessmen who want wealth by means of political favor or pull), and the nilhilists--let them rot! They deserve it.