Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Obama's Upcoming Economic Address

Wouldn't it be great if Obama came out and said in his address, "Fellow Americans, an almost century-long experiment in Keynsian economics and in the welfare-regulatory state has failed. Let's rediscover true laissez-faire capitalism--i.e., full political and economic freedom--in which the individual is left free to produce, to keep that which he produces and thereby to prosper, and to live his or her life as he sees fit without interference from government, so long as he does not initiate physical force against others and does not commit fraud. I'm calling for a complete separation of state and economics--no more government run economy"?

Instead, I think we'll hear something like this: "The causes of our current economic crisis is the greed of big business, bankers, and wall street. The free market [even though we haven't had one for at least half a century now] has failed. We need more government controls [even though we're already controlled to death]. We need to tax the rich [even though doing so will hurt the middle class far more than the rich and will hurt the poor even more so]. We need the government to spend more money [even though we're over $14 trillion in debt already and even though printing more money decreases the purchasing power of your current wage and/or any savings you may have]. We need more government!"

Oh well. As they say in Atlas Shrugged: Who is John Galt?